Affordable, safe, secure, quality homes for all

Our homes should be a place of comfort, safety, community
and security.

But millions of people in England face a different reality: unaffordable, temporary homes that are harming our health, economy and society. It isn’t right.

Homes for All has a new vision. It’s time to transform England’s homes.

Our vision

England’s housing system is in crisis. Millions of people are being denied an affordable, quality home. It’s time for change.

Our homes should sustain our health, provide access to work and public services, offer peace and community. Our homes should be secure, stable places for our families to thrive.

The Homes for All vision calls on all political parties to design a comprehensive strategy to transform England’s housing system.

Our 25 outcomes show what a well-functioning system should look like, bringing clarity, priority and urgency to the conversation. We highlight the need for a long-term, system-wide plan for policy and a Housing Strategy Committee to guide and assess government action.

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Our aims

Homes for All aims to change policy conversations in England and build political commitment to creating a well-functioning housing system, so that it delivers affordable, accessible, secure, quality homes – for everyone. This requires:

Cross-party commitment to a long-term strategy that reflects a vision of quality homes for all.

A system-wide approach to policy, which reflects how different areas of society, economy and politics impact on housing and homes.

A new Housing Strategy Committee to guide and assess government action, ensuring that policy decisions meet the requirements of England’s homes.

For too long, successive governments have made policy that lacks stability, ambition and urgency, and that fails to connect issues across the wider political system.

If we don’t act now, the crisis will continue to impact us all: escalating homelessness, driving more people into poverty and increasing the burden on the state.

But there is a different way: the Homes for All vision details 25 outcomes that can transform England’s homes.

In the lead up to the 2024 election we are calling on all political parties to commit to the Homes for All vision in their manifestos.

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Our Partners

Our partners come from all areas of the housing system in England to support the Homes for All vision:

Nationwide Foundation
The Church of England
We Can Make
Trust for London
The Housing Forum
Homeless Link
The Family Building
Generation Rent
Housing Justice
Impact of Urban Health
Centre for Policy Studies
Federation of Master Builders
National Housing Federation